Friday, August 24, 2007

Not Many Kitchen Shopping Days Until Christmas

Once upon a story I got sunburnt sat outside a pub in August while interviewing the chef about his forthcoming Christmas menu; and while I fully appreciated the need to get those Yuletide tables booked early, it felt wrong, wrong. Wrong!

So how come I had so much fun when Morgan PR visited Thatcham Kitchen Designs today to capture the images that would illustrate the demand that exists from people who realise they absolutely must have a new kitchen designed and installed in time for Christmas?

Looks ranging from scowls to bemused grins came from shoppers in The Broadway as they saw us ‘dressing’ a corner of the Thatcham Kitchen Designs studio to look like a typical Christmas kitchen. And who can blame them?!

Well here is how it ended up looking and director Caroline Ware stepped up to pose as the attentive host with preparations for a clearly sumptuous Christmas dinner well underway.

The photograph will appear in next month’s edition of the Newbury Business News in a feature about getting ready for Christmas. And this time I did not get sunburnt!

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