Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Flooding Advice Website on Severn Sound

Another radio interview followed hot on the heels of my session with BBC Radio Berkshire this morning when I was asked to talk about on the leading commercial station for Gloucestershire, Severn Sound.

This one sought to tie today’s introduction to the Home Information Packs to the flooding and need for surveys. Admittedly I’d encouraged this in a conversation with the reporter, for it provided an opportunity to illustrate just how vital it is to get a survey done now if you’ve been flooded, because you can be sure the next person to buy your home will.

Once again the website statistics showed the number of hits going up just after each news broadcast on the hour, which bodes well for Easton Bevins as it will be able to help anyone who uses the website or calls the local rate 0845 003 8757 helpline number.

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