Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Game of Dog & Mouse

That saying about never working with children (I'm a school governor) or animals (chickens and a dog) has always seemed a bit dramatic to me, and recently I was lucky enough to work with a consummate professional and said star, Oscar, is pictured above.

He might be a dog, but Oscar is a key part of Publicity Project's team and Owner (of the business and Oscar) Sue Elsden was keen he appear in the photographs Morgan PR was taking for the current edition of the Newbury Business News.

I suggested getting him working at one of the Macs, half joking, but moments later he was tempted into the chair and encouraged to 'look businesslike'.

Thank Japanese technology for designing cameras that allow for burst photography, for Oscar briefly put paw to mouse and looked every bit the essential member of this leading graphic design team, as your can see here!

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