Sunday, April 27, 2008

Banking on good advice for the kids

A few days ago we wrote about the Thames Valley Economic Partnership annual dinner and what terrific company we had on our table (read about it here if you missed it).

One of the diners was Rebecca Constable, from Kleinwort Benson in Newbury and in a wide ranging chat about PR and capitalising on opportunities she revealed she was due to appear in today's Sunday Times Money section and was due to have her photo taken with her kids the next day.

Now as a senior private banker I could not fathom why the paper wanted a photo of Rebecca with the kids in and in light of some of the 'working mum's' nonsense that has been written recently, alarm bells starting to ring. I soon had them ringing with Rebecca too as I questioned the motives of the heavyweight paper... until she added it was in an article on investing for children. Suddenly the photo seemed very relevant indeed!

I had not been over-reacting, when it comes to any exposure in the media it is always wise to explore the context in which you are appearing, and to appreciate that if the paper takes the photograph it will always own the copyright.

You can read Rebecca's words of wisdom here, but the photo-lite web version does not have quite the same impact as the paper itself.

Incidentally the paper comes with its near infamous Rich List today, making this edition one of its highest selling of the year. Good news for Rebecca's profile.

With the threshold of £5million to feature on the list we are thinking 2011 or thereabouts before we feature.

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