Friday, April 18, 2008

Honest and eco-friendly at Sheepdrove

We ventured high up on to the Lambourn downs today to meet with Russell Downing, the friendly manager at the Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre, who are among the companies featuring in the forthcoming editon of Newbury Business Today, out on May 8th.

It is a truly impressive facility in a picturesque location and Russell was grinning in the knowledge he had yet again here was someone has been blown away by the sheer beauty of Sheepdrove.

I was curious about the potential hypocrisy however, when he said: "We do have a truly fantastic facility here; we have excellent state of the art conference facilities and we have Sheepdrove’s green credentials. The fact that it does the power of good for a company’s own green image to come and use us is surely a bonus in this age of corporate social responsibility."

So I asked him if it was perhaps just a little hypocritical? Inviting companies that might be less than green to capitalise of Sheepdrove’s formidable reputation for being green, from the organic farm to the eco conference centre itself?

"Not at all," he said. "Even if a company came here solely because they believed it would enhance their green credentials they could not fail to learn something of what we do here, how important it is and the difference that we and indeed they can make."

Clever eh?

Even more impressive is the fact that such candor is part of the forthcoming article too.

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