Sunday, April 13, 2008

Maker's Mark Black Label proves memorable

We are surprisingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today considering the fun and somewhat indulgent evening we had with friends Sam and Miriam McCallum last night.

Ever the alert journalist at a distant dinner I had noted that Sam (who is one half of timber building specialists Hartwood Oak) had raved that the finest drink known to modern man was Maker's Mark Black Label. Sadly this drink was so good the American's kept it in Kentucky. Or did they?

Courtesy of Google I have regularly searched for said drink and recently struck lucky with The Whisky Exchange, who quickly obliged and dispatched a bottle of this golden nectar in time for dinner last night. And lo, via Japan where the bottle had been imported from, Sam was a very happy fellow indeed. And he is right, what a damn fine drink it is!

Now why do I tell this story? Partly to share awareness of this fine drink of course, but also to illustrate the real difference paying attention to the little things can have. Now Sam is a friend first and foremost, but even more so in business paying attention to the little things, whether a child's name or something as simple as a birthday, can make all the difference and is certainly what can differentiate you from a competitor.

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