Thursday, January 01, 2009

Morgan PR urges a Happy New Year

It would be most unlike me to accept that the picture says it all, for while it could be argued it does, there are surely some for whom the over indulgence of Christmas has left the glass less than half full - or alternatively you may have read a newspaper and come to the conclusion the end of the world is nigh and household pets should be considered fair game for the menu by February! (That said, seriously, should our corporate chickens stop laying their eggs, they may find themselves 'reassigned'!)

Well, although we stopped for much of the season of goodwill, courtesy of our Blackberries, we saw enquiries keep coming in and start 2009 even busier than we thought we would be. Now although we thought that, we remained confident that the work was out there and (stop me if I wade into cliche territory!) I am sure that mindset has a big impact on what will happen to you and your business in the coming months.

So back to the headline - we're urging you to have a 'Happy New Year', however challenging the economy may be, you should strive to enjoy yourselves!

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