Thursday, January 08, 2009

West Berkshire MP to visit Newbury Business Group

West Berkshire MP Richard Benyon will be joining local entrepreneurs and business owners for breakfast next week when he visits the Newbury Business Group.

With the recession really starting to bite it will be provide an opportunity for both members of the networking group and the local Member of Parliament to find out more about the impact of the downturn on local businesses.

As the group chairman I feel that the very nature of the dynamic individuals who belong to Newbury Business Group places them as the forefront of those most capable of dealing with the downturn in the economy, but that does not mean they are not facing real challenges out there.

We know Richard Benyon has been involved in discussions with many local businesses and we wanted to hear his views on the economy and it is really encouraging that he is so keen to listen to the thoughts of our members too. Clearly this is going to be a powerful business breakfast.”

Richard Benyon is excited about coming the the meeting too. He said: “It is really good to be invited to one of West Berkshire’s leading business networking groups.

“I find these events really useful. I will hear at firsthand what is really happening in the local economy. At Westminster everyone has an opinion about the recession but it is only when you talk to people who are facing the credit crisis and the recession in their own businesses on a daily basis that you really understand what is going on.”

While Richard Benyon will be the guest of honour at the event on the 16th January at Donnington Valley Golf Club, there are limited spaces for guests who might be interested in joining the Newbury Business Group – if you would like to come along for breakfast at 7.30am, please contact me promptly via the Morgan PR website.

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