Monday, January 05, 2009

What exciting news do you have as 2009 unfolds?

Naturally, as public relations experts we watch and read the news, as you would expect us to. So while the cycle of glum rhetoric and evidential stories of economic turmoil seem relentless enough to block out the sun, we can see the light! For such is the depths of despair, even the most curmudgeonly news editors will delightfully grab a positive story about survival in the economy - even if it ends up with a 'trend bucking' headline!

So (and hands down those of you whom I am already seeing this week and next precisely to exploit these approach!) what has been happening to your business that could make a newsdesk team go 'Hmmm...'? What amazing orders have you secured? What did you do to go above and beyond the call and dazzle a client? Are you recruiting? Have you restructured? Have you moved offices (bigger or smaller - it really doesn't matter), a new website? Perhaps you've launched a blog? Or are you offering free seminars? You surely get the idea?

So stop despairing at the stories you read in the newspaper, that tax your ears on the radio and send you grasping for the remote control when they dominate your television. Instead spend a moment thinking about what positive story you could tell - and start by telling Morgan PR all about it!

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