Thursday, January 15, 2009

Will you follow the 'The Path to Networking Nirvana'?

Readers of the Morgan PR monthly newsletter 'Creating Reputations' will already know about 'The Path to Networking Nirvana', which we will be revealing at the Faringdon Business Breakfast Club's meeting on February 2nd.

However, the numbers of people who subscribe to the newsletter via this blog (see left hand column!) suggests that plenty of you read this who don't get that! Hence mentioning it on the blog.

It actually expands on a free download we offered through the newsletter entitled 'The 12 Ways to Networking Nirvana' and includes a 'One Minute Masterclass', which is essential if you want to make and impression with your elevator pitch.

We are seeing an interesting trend with networking over recent months. Some of the faces that you sometimes saw and being seen no more. Perhaps they have a different focus - or perhaps it is in response to the recession. On the other hand, we are seeing a more dynamic, determined networker emerge with clear outcomes and a recognition that hiding will not make it go away.

Whether you are a networking novice or a professional seeking to polish, why not expand your network at this event next month? It costs £10, which pays for a buffet breakfast. Visit the FBBC website for directions and to book your place.

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