Thursday, March 13, 2008

Budget PR pays dividend for country pub

One Morgan PR client whose business might suffer in the wake of the budget will certainly benefit from widespread publicity they achieved after following the advice given in the Budget PR blog entry early this week.

The Ibex in Chaddleworth fired off press releases within minutes of the Chancellor of the Exchequer announcing the inevitably inflation busting increases in duty on alcohol and virtually minutes later it was on the Newbury Today website and landlord Andy Jones was invited to comment on BBC Radio Berkshire's popular Drive Time programme yesterday evening.

In the press release Andy Jones made the point: “We try very hard to be all things within our community in Chaddleworth and many of the neighbouring villages; we are the Post Office, the village shop; their local newsagent and offer meeting rooms for businesses and much, much more, but we are foremost a pub and we are constantly being squeezed, these tax increases make that more of a challenge.

“The chancellor also announced inflation busting increases on alcohol for the coming years too. It might be fine for trying to keep drunken yobs off the streets, but it doesn’t help us tempt responsible drinkers into The Ibex either.

“We’re also experiencing additional price increases from the brewery too which has further squeezed our margin. Of course, the supermarkets will still sell cheap booze while we continue to suffer.

“It costs £2.90 a pint now compared with £2.20 when we first took over The Ibex four years ago and that makes a difference. If it were not for the other services we offer, like the food and events, we could not survive simply as a pub."

I am waiting to hear how many people who heard the radio broadcast or read the story online make the effort to visit the pub, but I'd wager a few pints that they'll be there - even with the price increase!

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