Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Prizewinning Press Release...

...that is to say a press release about a prizewinner!

Morgan PR was back at Hungerford Garden Machinery today. We've written about them before and at the weekend they had an open day. Part of that event was a prize draw to win a lawnmower; today we went down to the depot on Charnham Park to a photo and capture the details for a press release.

Sometimes serendipity smiles on such activity and it turned out the winner of the prize draw had attended the event to check them out with a view of asking them to fix his broken Flymo! This provided a neat twist in the tale that makes it a lovely story and increases the likelihood it will be published.

There is a nice moral here: You don't have to make stuff up to get published! In fact get caught doing it and you burn your brand for future press releases however genuine. Look closely enough and most companies will discover they already do plenty worthy of PR.

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