Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kazakhstan trip inspires blogging

The photographs published yesterday showing the breakfast exploits of the Newbury Business Group have prompted a flurry of comments and emails and I was thrilled to discover that Paul Cowie from Rock IT has entered into the blogging fray too.

Today he is heading off to the wild oil fields of Kazakhstan and the trip has inspired him to start his very own blog to chart his adventure and provide some photographic evidence of his exploits.

I wonder if he will be blogging on one of the ultra lightweight Toshiba Portege laptops? If indeed he has managed to secure one. Paul managed to track one down for Morgan PR to take to Las Vegas last October and has been trying in vain to secure one for himself ever since.

And when I say lightweight, think of the Mac Air Book but with functionality like a DVD-R drive and capacious hard disk, just without the marketing savvy of Apple!

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