Friday, March 07, 2008

Getting in on the ACT!

It was great to see so many of the first time guests from last week's Newbury Business Group meeting back again this week - although they perhaps witnessed the boisterous camaraderie that had been missing last week when we were all on our best behaviour!

We always have really good education slots at NBG, rarely going over the 10 minute mark and always boosting the business savvy of the assembled group; today was no exception when Anthony Hewitt from Cameno stepped up to demystify CRM for the group.

CRM - or Customer Relationship Management - is pretty fundamental to any organisation who wants to maximise not only their interaction with customers, but also upsell, cross-sell and generally be far more profitable and successful than you could possibly be leaving CRM to chance!

Anthony was treated to a veritable ocean of gentle nodding heads as he chatted about the typical problems company's face with keeping track of customer communications, latest files and not least opportunities.

Anthony's company, Cameno, was recently appointed an ACT! Certified Consultant by Sage and is growing rapidly, already having become the fifth largest ACT! Business Partner in the UK.

Having seen Cameno in action helping Morgan PR optimise its CRM it is easy to see why: with technical savvy and a flair for understanding the tweaks, nips and tucks that will make ACT! really work for us.

Morgan PR was also able to keep the group entertained courtesy of a slideshow of all the excellent photographs that Giles Penfound took last week and that is where this photo of Anthony Hewitt comes from, with a artfully soft focused Carl Wheatley from The Bridge in the foreground.

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