Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cracking Pub Food at The Ibex

We were back in the downland village of Chaddleworth again today, having a rather splendid lunch at The Ibex, who Morgan PR are currently advising on PR.

While this might have been business for Andy & Julia Jones who run this traditional village pub, it was strictly pleasure for us as we tucked into generous plates of mouthwatering food during a lazy Saturday lunchtime.

Actually, I'm not sure how 'traditional' The Ibex actually is - absolutely it has the solid feel of a pub that has been serving pints since the early 19th Century, but at the same time, how many pubs are also the village Post Office, newsagents, village shop, business centre and capable of delivering fine food to its many tables? It is clearly more than your traditional 'traditional' pub!

Too many people ask 'Where's Chaddleworth' believing it to be in the 'middle of nowhere' when in actual fact it is in the 'middle of everywhere' and has suited Morgan PR in the past for pulling together people from various locations for a meeting (and lunch!). If you are unsure how to find this fabulous venue, then their comprehensive website includes directions.

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