Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Newbury Business Group Photo Extravaganza

At a recent Newbury Business Group meeting our fellow member Giles Penfound was kind enough to take photographs that should feature in 'The Circuit' column in the April edition of Newbury Business Today.

At last week's meeting Morgan PR played a slide show of his fantastic photographs to the oohs and ahhs from the members and guests who were suitably impressed at the quality of images Giles had captured with little obvious intrusion.

As requested I am now delighted to publish those photographs here on the blog and soon they will also be published on the Newbury Business Group website too.

So here below, courtesy of Giles Penfound are a selection of his photographs from Newbury's foremost networking group: The Newbury Business Group.


Paul Cowie said...

These great photo's reflect well the "business should be fun" attitude shown at Newbury Business Group.

Karen Chapple Email said...

These photos show Giles at his best, really relaxed informal shots which represent the feeling of the Newbury Business group. The photos on Giles website are truely magnificant too... when you've got a coffee in hand you should take look!

Robin said...

Excellent photo's Giles.

Nigel is that a cooked breakfast I see in front of you rather than the fruit your wife was led to believe you were having?!


Nigel Morgan - Morgan PR said...

Many thanks to Paul Cowie, Karen Chapple and Robin Winnett who were the first three to comment on the blog! Although I should say the latter missed the point about PR and choose to focus on the cooked breakfast I was having.

If I was prone to retaliation I might praise him for employing 'kaizen' in the same photo by turning away and achieving continuous improvement in the image quality as a result. Well done Rob!

mark said...

Fabulous photos - surely I am not THAT pale?? If I am then please tell me to take fruit next week!

Tony Quinn said...

I see I'm down to only two chins these days! Thanks Giles

Nigel Morgan - Morgan PR said...

Mark and Quinney, what are you two like? Preening and worrying about your personal image! Honestly!

I thought everyone looked splendid, vibrant and dynamic examples of everything that makes Newbury Business Group so fabulous... then again, I am in PR!