Saturday, November 15, 2008

Father's Day in November?

It was Father's Day today! Honest! Well it was at the Little Jogs Day Nursery in Hungerford - a rather clever invention to give the many Dads whose children attened the popular private nursery the chance to see what they get up to.

Morgan PR handles both the public relations and web presence of Little Jogs and were on hand to capture images for both the website and what should be a slam dunk press release considering the originality of the idea.

It was great talking to the Dad's to discover just how thrilled they were to be there. One was so busy with work that they rarely even dropped off or collected their son from the nursery, so it provided a rare opportunity to see how he flourishes within the purpose designed environment.

Other Dads had simply taken the opportunity to spend more time at the nursery where their child seems so happy during the week.

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