Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Terror in Oxford - Cyclist hit by missile!

I kid you not! I had to do a double take after reading this posting on the Thames Valley Police press office website - it really suggests that: 'Cyclist hit by missile - Oxford'.

I mean, some parts of the world that might happen; or it could be a report of a anti-terror mission with some very precise targeting, but no, it is a report of a cyclist being hit with a missile... or to be more precise a tangerine. However to have said: 'cyclist hit by tangerine' would have possibly been even more ludicrous! Absolutely it could have been serious - what if it had been a harder fruit? Imagine if someone had thrown a pineapple!

Part of Morgan PR's strength is the media handling skills I learned as a former Thames Valley Police press officer. For instance there was always a balance to be struck between sensible reporting of a crime and knowing the fun the media would have with it. Wait and see what they do with this!

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