Monday, November 10, 2008

Morgan PR meets a bright sales Star

It should go without saying that strategic alliances are a key part of any marketing strategy and I am indebted to one of our clients for suggesting, via LinkedIn that Morgan PR should meet with graduate sales specialists Star.

Today I met with the company founder Beth Lorraine and discovered a thoroughly fresh and reportedly successful approach to creating effective sales staff at a fraction of the cost of buying in the supposedly essential 'experience' that sales stars are deemed to require.

Star can find the right graduates for a business in need of sales staff and then works alongside the company to train them in the techniques and attitudes essential to effective selling, and it works.

While experience has its place, it can also bring with it bad habits and pre-conceptions along with that hefty salary. Graduates on the other hand are a relatively inexpensive blank canvas and those chosen by Star are positively chomping at the bit to serve and most importantly sell!

We look forward to working with Beth and Star in the future for as surely as some of her clients will need public relations help, I am certain some of our clients would benefit from a fresher approach to sales.

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