Thursday, November 13, 2008

The first rule of the secret business dining club...

In the wake of yesterday's post on the recession I spent the evening amid a remarkably positive and forward thinking group; for over a year now Morgan PR has been part of an elite dining club that brings together business owners for good food, support and discussion.

Not unlike the movie Fight Club, the first rule of the business dining group that shall not be named in this blog is that you do not talk about business dining group the group that shall not be named in this blog, or anywhere else really!

Founded by Michelle Lucas of Greenfields and Lucy Venables of Red Prosper Marketing, the idea behind the group was so much more than mere networking, it was about offering the support network that corporate staff have by default, but for small businesses could be non existent.

During the meals - last night's was held at The Lamb in Hermitage where we enjoyed some superb food amid stimulating conversation.

Someone would raise an issue or dilemma they have in business and by virtue of the calibre of people around the table, their experiences and knowledge, a wealth of advice and often solutions would be offered.

I am sure that now you realise the need for confidentiality; the honesty with which people present their problems and indeed the experiences given in reply, are only done so because nothing will be disclosed.

The selection of guests varies so you are rarely around the table with more than a few people that you have met with before, which means that no two dinners are every the same.

So by all means ask me... But do not expect me to tell!

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