Friday, November 14, 2008

Newbury Business Group discovers the formula for change during 10 Minute Masterclass

Each week at the Newbury Business Group, West Berkshire's foremost networking organisation, we benefit from a 10 Minute Masterclass from a member, based on their own specialist knowledge and this week we enjoyed the benefit of two for the price of one!

Michelle Lucas from Greenfields is a long standing member and Sally Rainbow-Ockwell from ActionCOACH recently joined the group; both are coaches and part of today's Masterclass was to help members differentiate.

Incidentally, this is something that distinguishes the group I chair from so many networking organisations - we do not automatically 'lock out the competition'. Actually it is a more collaborative approach that ultimately means on many occassions companies and individuals with similar offerings can both thrive in the group and often bring one another business - and this is exactly how Sally and Michelle are finding it.

The Masterclass began with the simple explanation that while Sally is a business coach, Michelle focuses in the individual and the changes they might need to implement.

They then hit us with a formula - the Formula for CHANGE:

D x V + F > R

That is Dissastisfaction times Vision, combined with the First Steps, needs to be greater than th Resistance to achieve change - so increasing any or all of those elements to the point where they outweigh your resistance to change - and great things will happen.

Sally explained that 'nice to...' doesn't cut it. You either have to be dissatisfied enough or bursting with enough vision in order to take those first steps to overcome resistance.

Michelle then introduced us to the Identity Iceberg, pictured here, which is a great analogy for everything from improving business to losing weight or getting fit.

What we HAVE, the results, and what we DO, the behaviour that delivers those resuts is often visible, much like the part of the iceberg the Titanic did see, albeit too late!

Actually, you need to focus on who you need to BE - which is all the parts of who you are that lurk beneath the surface. If you BE the kind of person you need to be, you will DO the things you need to to and oddly enough will then HAVE what it is that you desired so.

Michelle said: "There is an overlap between our work. Sally's is more tangible and mine is more about mindset. As strategic partners we can work together.

"Sally might be working with someone on their business and spot something personal which I can work on with them to give them the best chance. Equally I might be working with someone on on a personal level when I spot something that involves their business.

Sally emphasised that even if group members were unsure of which of them to refer to, they could refer to either as between them they would know who was most appropriate to work with.

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