Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kaizen Flo launched

Morgan PR was among the guests at The Corn Exchange in Newbury earlier today for the launch of Kaizen Flo, an exciting software solution designed by SMEs for SMEs.
It has been developed and brought to market by Newbury company Kaizen Systems Ltd, which was formerly Win IT, and Morgan PR first met its Managing Director, Rob Winnett, when we were both finalists in a local Business of the Year competition at the end of 2006 – he went on to win and become a good friend, client and is a fellow member of the Newbury Business Group.

It was created using key business principles in mind to utilise the most useful aspects to companies today. It can save a business time and money, keeps the owner in control and can improve workplace harmony.

It should be said how abundant Rob has always been with business help and advice, so it was reassuring to see that Kaizen Flo has been based on a series of solid business principles:

  • The E-Myth
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Pareto – the 80/20 rule
  • PRinCE2 project management
  • Kaizen

The Kaizen philosophy, which of course also gave this company its name, is drawn from the Japanese word kai which means “Change” and zen meaning “Good” – Change to become good, or Good Change

The main belief behind Kaizen is that a combination of many improvements, however small, will make a measurable impact to any company.

Great Example is the British Olympic Cycling Team Beijing 2008. They won 7 gold medals out of the 10 events. Plus 3 silvers and 2 bronze! Every medal winner talked about continually looking for small improvements which could make a difference – however insignificant they may appear to be on their own.

I suspect an even better example will prove to be the software launched at today's event, which was a great success and was captured through the unique eye of Gile Penfound, who has supplied the photographs for this blog posting, not least the one below of Rob and Judy Winnett.

Yours truly pictured above and an atmospheric illustration of the event below.

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