Sunday, January 28, 2007

And the Winner Is...

It is official! The winner of the West Berkshire Business Club Business of the Year 2006 is… WinIT Consultancy, headed by the charming Robin Winnett and delivering bespoke software solutions.

A worthy win indeed and I am proud to be a finalist in this prestigious competition. Chatting to Robin afterwards, and I will find out more when I interview him for the full page advertisement he has won as part of his prize, his business has achieved so much and is well established too.

Pictured: Nigel Morgan of Morgan PR recieves his award from Julie Harris of the Newbury Weekly News Group, one of the competition's sponsors. With kind permission of the NWN

The other finalist alongside Morgan PR was Netstationers, which offers office supplies with an IT twist that sets them apart from the others in their industry. Melvin Byles runs the franchise for West Berkshire and is another finalist I am proud to be considered alongside.

The drama unfolded at the Donnington Valley Hotel in Newbury where splendid food and even more splendid company were in plentiful supply. Joining us at our table were Karen Holmes from The Best of Newbury and partner Graham Chapple of Garden4You, together with Roger Hick of RhD Design and his with Pam.

We had a scream and I very nearly did when I caught a pea-shot projectile in the eye. The hard paper balls and pea shooters had been liberally sprinkled on the tables and were naturally used.
So today I have the makings of a subtle shiner – but otherwise no harm done!

Much was drunk by all to mark our respective achievements and it seems certain that something previous finalist Sarah Rhoads, the erstwhile Virtual Office Secretary said, that we would all enjoy a bond that would last beyond the contest, will prove true.

We were left distressed when early morning efforts to order champagne for the group failed when it turned out someone had gone home with the key to the wine cellar! However, some swift negotiation by Sarah Rhoads and we were all placated with drinks available from the bar!

I would say, that for such an important ceremony I did think the event lacked a certain amount of well, ceremony. It would have been very easy for the judges to have announced each of the finalists and given a quick profile of the company and how they impressed the judges and secured a place in the final.

Then the winner could have been announced and invited to say a few words, followed by the other two finalists and maybe they could have said something too - I'm never one to miss the chance to stand up and talk! I just think that could have added to the event and perhaps encouraged even more businesses to enter for the 2007 competition.

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