Thursday, January 04, 2007

Marketing Without Money with Steve Mills

I have finally managed to sign up to one of Steve Mills intriguing ‘Marketing Without Money’ seminars; I have been invited a few times but work has always conspired to prevent me dipping into his insight.

There is a certain irony that a PR company such as Morgan PR, which encompasses some elements of marketing, should be so excited about an event that teaches people about how to gain a profile without spending money on businesses like ours.

However, and my clients will attest to this, there is so much advice and tips I do offer for free; simple solutions that they should be doing as a matter of course and separate from the heavyweight stuff they may need help from Morgan PR with.

I see it more about discovering if there is more of those tips I can offer my clients rather than discovering free stuff I should be charging for!

Apparently this was the talk that Steve gave to a conference in Lithuania last year, so I am thinking it is the business!

I suspect spaces for the lunchtime event in Hook on 1 February will go quickly, but if you are interested visit Steve Mills’ website Max Marketing, or contact him directly.

Might see you there?

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