Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Close Shave in Hungerford

In searching online for a new bow tie, a requirement for the West Berkshire Business Club Annual Dinner Dance, Google brought me straight back to Hungerford and suggested The Gentleman’s Shop in Charnham Street.

This gentleman’s emporium is a splendid establishment that I frequent far too little. Run by Robert Johnston since 1988, it is one of the few places outside London where you can enjoy the indulgence of a cut throat shave – for that smoother finish.

Naturally with the judging of the West Berkshire Business Club, Business of the Year Award just a few hours away I want to look every bit the suave and sophisticated winner in waiting!

Robert was every bit as charming as the last time I saw him and it was fun to have such a close shave. I have done it before, most notably in Thailand. But that is another story entirely!

It was also wonderful to be back in The Gentleman’s Shop; I can only really describe it as adult sweet shop. Crammed full of wonderful things that the man about town wants needs or even doesn’t want or need – but will probably have.

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