Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Your Image is their Business

One of six companies I met with today was Branded Image and the ever cheerful Kevin Rhoads. His company, which was launched a year ago and specialises in embroidered workwear and has recently expanded into promotional merchandise.

Kevin understands his business, which made gathering the information for an article due to be published in the Newbury Business News was pretty straightforward; however we then had to decide on a photograph.

Simple product shots or a photo of Kevin would not do his business model justice – and then he mentioned he was learning to juggle, after getting a DVD for Christmas.

So I took some shots of him trying to juggle (it is early days people!) and then with a little help from the God of Image Manipulation that is Photoshop, I created this image of him juggling just a few of the thousands of promotional products Branded Image can supply.

You will be able to learn more in the forthcoming edition of the Newbury Business News, out on 18th January.

Of course, I could not resist having a little bit of fun too, after all what is the point of manipulating pictures if you don't tweak them in an amusing way... hence this photo of Kevin juggling kittens. No animals were harmed in the making of this image - although Kevin's son Oliver was left somewhat perturbed!


Sarah Rhoads - The Virtual Office Secretary said...

Great article Nigel. Did I see some branding on one of those kittens. Thank you for your time and in producing what will be a great article for our business. Morgan PR is certainly the best.

Sarah Rhoads - The Virtual Office Secretary said...

Great article, as always Nigel. Did I see some branding on one of those kittens or is that just a trick of the light! Your help in getting great PR is always valued - we simply couldn't do it without Morgan PR