Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another Brick in the Wall

The Newbury Weekly News website has launched a wall of advertsing bricks on its website and Morgan PR is among the first to cement (pun intended) its position on the finite number of bricks offer click 'at' brick (Interesting discovery - Blogger does not allow the 'at' sign!

So there is a real chance you are reading this because you followed the multi-coloured brick road to this blog - welcome, read and enjoy and do add Morgan PR and the Great Blogging Adventure to your news reader and be sure to add comments or email me with your thoughts and observations.

It costs £75 for a single brick for a whole year, which seems very reasonable for a the chance to feature on the local take on the 'million dollar homepage' that captured acres of headlines when launched by the youthful Alex Tew.

We will keep you posted on how much traffic it generates and of course if any lucrative new clients are attracted by this idea.

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