Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bright Light City Gonna Set my Soul

Regular readers will be familiar with my faith in Action Coach and how much the world’s No 1 Coaching Firm has helped my grow my own: Morgan PR.

So it was exciting today to be given the chance to hear the company’s founder, Brad Sugars, speak to an audience of over 500 people at Newbury Racecourse as part of the UK leg of his World Tour.

It was fascinating and exciting to hear from someone who has built such an outstanding global business; he began quipping that he never had a paper round – he had four – and he didn’t deliver any of them, preferring to manage his friends as they delivered for him. More tales designed to inspire and jolt in equal measure soon followed as he moved toward promoting his sales materials and the ultimate prize – joining him for a seminar in Las Vegas.

Now I’ve been the smart aleck since my schooldays, so listening to Brad Sugars reach his sales patter crescendo I was sorely tempted to use his advice of striving to buy wholesale to offer a cunning deal – How much discount if I bought 200 tickets?

In the event I opted not to call out – much to the dismay of my own Action Coach, Sally Rainbow-Ockwell, who was disappointed at my uncharacteristic modesty and was intrigued to know how Brad would have responded…

So she marched me up to the front where the billionaire himself was still chatting with the bolder members of the diminishing audience.

As billionaires go he was thoroughly approachable and intrigued by my proposal and actually stunned into silence – if only briefly! He then came up with quite a generous price for wholesale (not a discount!).

It was then I revealed my cunning plan – had I been offered such a discount (sorry – price for wholesale – there is a difference and Brad doesn’t discount!) I would have stood up and been able to undercut Brad’s price for the Las Vegas seminar and would have offered the pairs of tickets at this discount (I can discount!) and probably sold the lot and made a tidy (meticulously substantial) profit!

Brad announced he would not have let me do that! And as it was his show, and the whole billionaire thing, I suspect he would have prevailed.

Immodesty allows me to think that he was impressed and certainly he was keen for us to join him in Las Vegas in October. We were too and settle for just the pair of tickets.

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