Saturday, July 21, 2007

Citizen Photographer and the Flooding in Berkshire

Happy to heed the advice to avoid non-essential travel, like so many I have been glued to my PC watching the flooding story unfold. The media are doing a terrific job in the face of chaos and flooded transport routes, but while they scrabble for the helicopters it is the local people with a camera and an internet link that are coming to the fore.

Not so much the citizen journalists that have been name checked so frequently in the wake of bombings and other urban stories, but citizen photographers who are giving the media a glimpse of the floodwaters at their most treacherous at a time when the professionals simply cannot get there.

I know that hundreds more photos will be published soon, but I wanted to present to you a review of the images posted on Newbury Today and BBC Radio Berkshire, both with a burgeoning selection of images. Literally, each time I move another image into the video below, and credit it accordingly to each media, more have appeared.

So here, by no means definitive, is a review of Citizen Photographer's contribution to the local media:

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