Monday, July 02, 2007

Garden4You - Extreme Gardening in Hungerford

Did you see that rain today? Did you see how it made people run for cover? What I saw was the dedicated team from Garden4You slaving away in the torrential downpour at they worked hard erecting a new fence.

I have written about Garden4You and the sterling efforts of its founder Graham Chapple numerous times, and marvelled at the burgeoning testimonials on his website, so it was inevitable that when I needed some fencing done I would ask them - but being a good businessman I did ask for other quotes, but Graham was the most responsive and the most competitive.

So today, in all that rain, they started work and they didn't stop - even when the rain poured, nay when it deluged from the sky - the four strong team kept working and made some cracking progress.

I was only there in the afternoon, but kept them fuelled with tea and cakes, and positively marvelled at the difference their hard work was making. During some brief sunshine I took some 'before' photographs and will publish those later in the week - and contrast them with the no doubt remarkable 'after' shots.

Another marvellous aspect to this job has been the relative ease with which Garden4You has secured so many of the seemingly scarce six foot fence panels required for the 60 metres of fencing they have to replace.

Watching Graham put his skills to work it was hard not to offer some of mine in return, so I have persuaded him to do a make a short video for his own blog.

We will do that tomorrow and I'll be sure to post the video here for you all to see!

Actually, this takes me back to the days when we sold websites before we had our own! So far the only video posted on this blog was the rather amusing one on PowerPoint - which coincidentally Graham commented on!

So I shall be sure to post my own video very soon!

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