Saturday, June 23, 2007

Life After Death by PowerPoint

It is a rare person indeed who has not had to endure a terrible PowerPoint presentation.

We all know that feeling, the loss of the will to live as you see the same inane clipart that is available by default, when there are good, relevant images freely available on the web.

I could go on, but a geek turned stand up, Don McMillan has already got there with this thoroughly entertaining video. which I thought you might all appreciate. So enjoy!

Life After Death by PowerPoint


Garden4You said...

Hi Nigel,
That so reminds me of a presentation I had to sit through by a Chinese American VP of Techinal Development talking about Routers, Switches and other networking devices - all this after a VERY heavy night with a load of customer the night before at the Savoy. To make matters worse, I was late for the start - I had only just got in from said night out - and had to sit in the front row, next to the CEO of this company....I did manage to vomit into an empty water bottle without anybody noticing though..pretty cool dont you think!


Nigel Morgan - Morgan PR said...

Graham, your professionalism knows no bounds! Presumably it was the nauseous nature of the presentation that made you unwell?!