Tuesday, June 12, 2007

That Olympic Logo...

I winced when I saw it. Honestly, I flinched and had to check the words beneath to make sure my first and lasting impression was correct - this hideous and evidentally ill conceived design is our 'logo' for the 2012 Olympics.

Now I might be jostling at the back of the queue of outrage about this hideous design, but I just heard Tessa Jowell describing it as 'fantastic' on Radio 4. Has she no shame?

From inducing epileptic fits to spontaneous vomiting (okay, I've no evidence of that, but seriously suspect it has happened!) this logo has attracted a truly awesome level of vitriol that from a public relations perspective has got to be harming the whole image of what should be a unifying sporting event.

Wouldn't a children's competition have produced a better result for much less than the £400,000 it actually cost - and generated something that wouldn't have been likened to a broken swastika!

What could they do now? Stop digging for a start and consider how they could best recover from the situation for starters. Then tuck into a healthy slice of humble pie and go back to the drawing board. However much they try to see this through, this logo is way too tainted now.

Most of the time for Morgan PR the kind of public relations in Newbury and throughout the Thames Valley that our clients require is about getting good coverage for good news; however, we also do help handle the bad news stories too, advising on the best approach to dealing with events that could be damaging if they appear in the media.

The undeniable rule is the sooner you contact us, the better our chances of protecting your reptutation.

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