Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Day the Music Died

Morgan PR has directed readers to the wise writings of the self-styled Internet Psychologist Graham Jones numerous times before; indeed it was a seminar given by Graham that prompted me to launch this blog a dizzying nine months ago.

Well today he has posted an insightful piece on the demise of the music industry - and how much responsiblity lies with the music retailers for failing to respond to diminishing CD sales and how they should have responded better to the evolving market and coped with the impact of online sales. Anyway, follow the link above and you can read for yourself.

If you would like to hear Graham talk he is one of the speakers at the forthcoming Berkshire Business Show where he will be explaining how to get more business from the internet. I would thoroughly recommend that you take the opportunity to hear him speak.

So now you have reasons to visit both days - On the 11th July Morgan PR open the seminar series with a talk promising to reveal The Secrets of Great Public Relations and then the next day at 1030 you can catch Graham's tantalising talk.

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