Friday, June 29, 2007

In Front of the Camera for

Through Morgan PR I am more used to putting our clients in front of the camera than stepping up myself; I spent plenty of time up front when working as a press officer for Thames Valley Police, indeed that was where I learned to TV skills that serve clients so well.

However, earlier today I was in front of the camera with my Governor's hat on when a film company working for (can you believe an educational channel doesn't use upper case there?) came to Hungerford to make a documentary for the channel on the Hungerford Schools Community Project.

Through being a governor at the John O'Gaunt Community Technology College I became involved a couple of year ago and currently chair the project's Strategy Group.

The programme makers, Illumina Digital, are making a programme that follows another governor facing the journey we have already undertaken.

So it was me asked to meet and greet Frances Stickley, chair of governors at Kings Langley School in Hertfordshire and was subsequently filmed as she asked me about our experience of running an extended school - which is essentially the provision of wrap around childcare, all year round in Hungerford and at our feeder primaries.

It was good fun being back on camera and quite luxurious too - a documentary crew with three cameras, and a soundman. So much more than either the local ITV news or BBC can muster for their day to day news.

Incidentally, I was invited to become a governor after delivering media training to the top team at John O'Gaunt Community Technology College.

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