Friday, June 08, 2007

1st Call Appliance Direct hit £10 million in Sales

Undoubtedly one of the most colourful vans to be seen in Newbury, replete with a fridge freezer emblazoned across its rear doors, belongs to one of the UK’s most successful internet companies.

This is the physical presence of a cyberspace company, the lead van of a fleet of 700 vehicles that deliver throughout the UK and no doubt its distinctive appearances prompts even more people to log on to and confirm the company’s position as the country’s foremost suppliers of built in kitchen appliances.

Earlier today I met with the ever charming entrepreneur Malik Azam, who founded 1st Call Appliance Direct eight years ago. Highly competitive prices combined with a delivery service second to none catapulted the internet business to phenomenal success and it has just hit £10 million in sales turnover. Pretty impressive for a business run from home with just 2.5 staff!

Appliances from 1st Call Appliance Direct are often 25-30 per cent cheaper than major electrical stores. Not surprising that thousands of people a month click on when they need fitted appliances.

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