Thursday, June 28, 2007

Secrets Revealed on The Best of Newbury

Morgan PR is once again featured on that fine website The Best of Newbury, a flourishing website that will do wonders for the optimisation of any business it features, whether on the news pages or in its burgeoning directory.

They have splashed my forthcoming seminar at the Berkshire Business Show at Newbury College - you can catch me revealing the Secrets of Great Public Relations at 9.15 on the 11th July - and with a little luck and light traffic plenty of people will respond to the publicity and come and hear me speak.

I am urging more and more of my clients to use The Best of Newbury and optimisation is just one of the reasons - in a nutshell the nature of the site ensures that Google et al rightly believe it to be a fresh and dynamic site brimming with new information. This is a wonderful byproduct of the franchise nature of the site - its domain is and then all its myriad pages create a truly dynamic overall site when this is repeated in other towns who have a Best of franchise.

This is why I contribute stories to the site and have invested in a banner on the news page. Of course people find businesses on their the old fashioned way too: they use it as an online directory and knowing its web address will visit it looking for services or professionals.

Go on, you know it makes sense!

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