Friday, June 29, 2007

New Website for the Madagascan Gin Palace

One of Newbury most original and yet longest established restaurants has just launched a new website worthy of the high regard that generations have for the Madagascan Gin Palace.

Designed and delivered by Darin Brockman and his talented team at BCL NuMedia the site neatly captures the essence of the Gin Palace, but at the same time delivers the slick accessibility that is so important to online visitors.

Spot the mouthwatering food on the website? We did that! Not the cooking, the photography! Morgan PR took them for an article on the restaurant a few months ago and we were happy to oblige when erstwhile charmer and Gin Palace founder Richard Hayman asked if he might use them.

One word of warning, the same music that runs through the soul of the Gin Palace is still likely to burst into life as you log on to the site - so if you are reading this at work and about to pay a visit... turn down the sound or everyone will know! Then again, crank the sound up and party!

Oh yes, and Richard has launched a competion on the site to test visitors' geography... what ever could be the 4th largest island in the world...? Enter here!

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