Monday, June 18, 2007

Dramatic Mountain Rescue

In the best traditions of journalism a evocative headline has been used to drag your attention into something altogether less shocking, but I think even those intrepid fools involved in clambering up mountains will be impressed!

The mountains in question are 'The Three Peaks'; a gruelling 24 hour marathon up and over Britain's 3 highest mountains. Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales. The objective is to complete the challenge in less than 24 hours including travelling between each peak.

The challenge was completed earlier this month with just 10 minutes to spare by Mark Norgate (Elvis fan who runs Donnington New Homes) He was accompanied by Neil Grundon (of dustbin fame), Stuart Lane (a mountaineering doctor who works in forensics)and Karl Trowbridge (who can apparently source you aircraft spares wherever you may happen to be in the world.)

They set out to raise £3,000 for the Ian Rennie Hospice, which as Mark points out 'is not a charity for those suffering from indigestion, but is a charity offering specialist palliative nursing care at home to patients with terminal illness'. They've stomped past that target and are well on their way to £5,000, not least with after the event donations from pub sceptics and suchlike. You too can give via this site:

Now the 'rescue' is actually a photographic one. When Mark sent out the snaps to prove the trio of peaks had been scaled they were a bit fuzzy. Lest we end up with rumours akin to man not so much landing on the moon as a studio backlot in Hollywood, so Morgan PR turned all CSI and cleaned up the photographs with Photoshop.

Now there can be no doubt that the four men did complete their mad challenge and we should all dig deep!

Oh yes, the photos:

The top of Ben Nevis - before:

And the top of Ben Nevis - after:

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