Friday, July 20, 2007

Torrential Flooding in West Berkshire

And I thought I had it bad! That rain! I was driving back from New Greenham Park just after lunchtime today; I been dashing from car to appointment through heavy rain all morning, but nothing prepare me for the flooded roads and abandoned cars.

A 30 minutes journey took me two-and-a-half hair raising hours. Other people are still stranded. I know it is all relative, but my car is not a boat!

With the main roads awash and the transport system sloshing to a halt I opted for the back roads I imagine persistant drink drivers to know. They would have known the dips that would be flooded. I didn't. Thank the emptying heavens for reverse parking control as it made 39 point turns in single track roads an air-conditioned breeze.

I was dry until chivalry got the better of my sense of dry-preservation when I found an half submerged and as it turned out abandoned Nissan Micra in a particularly deep pond on nameless road in north Hampshire.

Back safe and dry I am watching the situation unfold online and it is clear that the flooding is going to be horrendous - and it is still raining.

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