Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Lapdesk Conference Folder

One of the people who came to the Morgan PR seminar on 'The Secrets of Great PR' at the Berkshire Business Show was entrepreneur Paul Gomm, who sought me out afterwards and was kind enough to tell my how inspired he had been by my talk.

I have to say after talking to him I too was inspired by his Lapdesk invention, which banishes the tricky balancing of a pad on your knee with an innovative piece of design.

I the best traditions of 'Dragon's Den' I asked Paul for his pitch - after establishing that a patent had been applied for!

Paul explained: "The Lapdesk was initially designed to meet the needs of business men and women who attend meetings and conferences and require a facility to make notes and to store documents and information in a secure yet portable format.

"It overcomes the main disadvantage of a traditional conference folder, due to it’s unique internal support system which creates the perfect angled writing surface on which to write or simply to rest a book or magazine on to read. Once the all-round zip is opened and the side supports secured, the Lapdesk is designed to sit comfortably on the user’s lap. This enables the user to maintain a healthy posture whilst sitting and avoids the user having to cross their legs repeatedly, to obtain the ideal angle on which to write – the downside with a traditional conference folder.

"The Lapdesk is quite unique and so versatile that it can be used by anyone who is travelling and needs a flat angled surface on which to write or perhaps rest a book,it creates the ideal angle on which to rest a laptop to reduce strain on the user’s wrists whilst typing, children can use it for working at home or whilst in the car and it is particularly beneficial for wheelchair users.

"Inside, there is a good sized pocket for retaining A4 documents, plus pockets to retain CDs, business cards and credit cards, plus a space for the user’s pen.

"The lie-flat handle on the outside allows the Lapdesk to be placed on a table and it can also be used as a mini-lectern, for displaying notes whilst speaking, to add that professional finish to any presentation."

It was fun to see the stir that his demonstration created, for his is a product that sells itself - indeed if you are interested it retails at just £34.99 and can be bought online by clicking here

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Paul Gomm, Hebden Design Ltd said...

I very much enjoyed Nigel's seminar talk on "The Secrets of Great PR" because I now have a much clearer understanding of what can be acheived.
In my head I had lots of ideas and concepts about promoting my business and Nigel's talk helped to join these ideas up like pieces in a jigsaw, so that I am now able to see the whole picture with much more clarity.
Paul Gomm
Hebden Design Limited