Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Secrets of Great Public Relations Revealed at the Berkshire Business Show

After months of planning the Berkshire Business Show finally got underway today - and is still on tomorrow, so not too late to visit!

You are however too late to hear me reveal 'The Secrets of Great Public Relations' which was the opening seminar and attracted an audience of around 15 people into the small lecture theatre at the Newbury College venue.

I was introduced by the marathon running public speaker extraordinaire Jim Ewan (he runs marathons - I''m not suggesting his public speaking runs on!) who said some kind words referring to how I got him splashed on Meridian Television earlier in the year when he ran across the Saraha Desert for charity!

The audience was made up of some familiar faces and plenty of new ones too and I was thrilled that some of those sought me out afterwards and I look forward to working with them in the near future.

Naturally I praised blogging as an essential part of any public relations campaign and (almost) seamlessly cut to a pre-recorded video segment of the PowerPoint presentation, which you can see below:

I had to laugh - one of the audience, Accountant Paul Pointer from Freeman Baker Associates quipped it looked like a hostage video! What do you think?

I'm back at the show tomorrow and will bring you more news then.

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