Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Bear Necessities

Mixing business with pleasure may have had a bad press, for last night we spent the evening with friends made through business and it was certainly a pleasure!

Diane and I met up with Graham Chapple and Karen Holmes, respectively the powerhouses behind Garden4You and The Best of Newbury, at The Bear Hotel in Hungerford.

Ah the joy of spending an evening in such terrific and entertaining company while attentive staff bring excellent food to the table. Karen and Graham are good fun and manage that essential blend of being motivated and relaxed at the same time.

I also learned that my portrait that was featured in The Best Of and Breathe Pictures exhibition last month is set to go on tour and will shortly be appearing at the Madagascan Gin Palace in Newbury. Which has some delicious serendipity about it considering I have frequented the restaurant since it first opened.

Back to The Bear, I would urge anyone who hasn't been there recently to make the effort. Since it was taken over by Considered Hotels it was become an outstanding venue with a modern, cosmopolitan bar beneath its ancient beams.

The restaurant too is a delight and has tables spread at that optimum distance that they offer both privacy and eavesdropping potential in equal measure. Sadly, it never seems as busy as it deserves considering the food is both excellent and reasonably priced. As a fan of game the menu never disappoints at this time of year. However if it is on the menu you must choose the chateau briand; this superlative cut of beef is cooked to perfection and melts in the mere vicinity of the mouth. Perfect!

For the future sake of The Bear I only hope it does a roaring trade among discerning business travellers during the week and that will continue to offer superior eating to us locals in the evening.

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Garden4You said...

What a fun evening we had with Nigel and Di - one of those where your face ached the next day from laughing. As Nigel said, the food was great, the service excellent and the amibience was just right. The Bear has really changed since my days in Hungerford, well worth the drive out from Newbury - thankfully Karen drove so I could have a few with Nigel!