Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Spit or Swallow?

Here you can see the most dedicated members of the West Berkshire Business Club, who battled through a calendar laden deep with seasonal invitations, to enjoy a Christmas wine tasting event earlier this evening.

The wise wine expert Ian Campbell, founder of Church House Vitners, was on hand to guide us through a eclectic selection of 10 wines.

We were asked to score everything from 1 to 5 and it soon became clear that we all had differing tastes and while the cost did tend to win over more fans for a particular vintage, it was by no means the deciding factor when members picked there favourites and placed orders in time for Christmas.

I chose a white and a red in modest quantities; the white was a 2005 Kelly's Farwell Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc from Western Australia - which neatly sits with my wine list practice of choosing wines from regions I've visted! However, I was also seduced by a 2005 Norte Chico Merlot from Chile. Quite possibly the first Chilean wine I have knowingly drunk, it was perky and full of berries, liquorice and deep too. And only half the price of the Argentinian 2004 Don David Reserve Malbec that won far more fans among the group.

Ian Campbell was a knowledgable guy and explained how much he enjoys finding wines to suit his clients taste and wallets, and certainly from the fans he won this evening he should be getting orders now and in the new year too!

It was a very enjoyable evening and I was delighted to have tried so many wines without actually consuming much at all. Certainly I was not at risk of drink driving!

The evening had begun with chairman Steve Mills, of Max Marketing, asking for us each to give a business tip; before offering his own. He urged those of us who bill clients monthly to consider switching to a four week cycle - instantly boosting revenue with that 13th payment each year.

I was up next and warned people who pay for services monthly to watch out for businesses trying to migrate you on to a four week cycle to boost their revenue!

Actually, my genuine tip was to maintain your blog!

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