Monday, December 11, 2006

Charity Christmas Gesture from Morgan PR

This afternoon I have been putting the finishing touches to the email Christmas cards Morgan PR will soon be sending out to clients and contacts alike.

I have even had a few impatient emails from restless (optimistic wannabe receipients no doubt) readers who are anxiously awaiting their emailed Christmas greeting from Morgan PR.

As the story that featured in last week's edition of The Advertiser and the current edition of the Newbury Business News, explained, I decided to give the money I would normally spend on printing and posting out Christmas cards to charity.
Here you can read in this cutting from the Newbury Business News I chose to split the money between the Newbury Weekly News Over 80s Christmas Parcel Fund and the local branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Now, as I pick heavy, corporate cards up from my doormat each day, I am left wondering why companies feel the need to splash out on such luxurious missives? Even if they include a donation, surely email is the way to go? I've had a few email cards already without any link to a donation being made with the savings, but I am still happy to receive them. Each one is one less card I will need to recycle come 2007.

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