Friday, December 15, 2006

Will Blogging Really Peak in 2007?

The BBC led with a dubious story yesterday, quoting technical 'gurus' Gartner as saying blogging will peak next year... Really?

As many blogs as there are out there, I cannot honestly believe that they are going to doing anything but continue to blossom. Some will flare and then die, like an ill-lit match in a thunderstorm, but others will flourish and become essential components of our every more personalised web experience.

Also, surely as technology advances we will simply migrate on to every more advanced versions of blogging. I already know how to post a blog entry from my mobile telephone (Admittedly I have had no requirement to do this!) and presumably the technology already exists for me to post a video entry too. Any future development of the blogging environment will encourage more people to lauch their own and leave others playing catch up or making the most of thoroughly established technology. Sort of belated adopters.

Before you get carried away and admire my foresight, the Internet Psychologist, Graham Jones has been saying much the same on his own blog and a quick Google search reveals that many are dismissing the story.

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