Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Early Rewards from Profit Club

We got down to business at the first proper meeting of the Faringdon/Swindon Profit Club earlier today and already it has got the creative juices flowing and focused my mind on working on Morgan PR rather than simply in Morgan PR.

Our erstwhile Business Guru come coach, Sally Rainbow Ockwell, was brimming with her infectious enthusiasm as she explained how we could get the most from our membership of Profit Club and stressed our committment was the key to success.

There is this wonderful synergy between members that is free of that competitive edge that so often creeps into other networking events. People offer advice and ecouragement and share how they have handled a situation that somone else might be tackling for the first time.

In addition to the fortnightly lunchtime meetings, there is also a monthly Business Skills Training workshop - this is a two hour evening session, between 6pm and 8pm and the next will be on January 10th at the Faringdon Enterprise Gateway. If anyone would like to come as a guest please contact me - it will be about planning for 2007, so should be useful for everyone!

Neatly that comes just before the 90 Day Planning Workshop at Newbury Racecourse on 24th January. So my business strategy is coming together... is yours?

You can get an instant indication of what is working and what is not from Sally by clicking here and sign up here if you would like to receive her free monthly newsletter.

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