Friday, December 08, 2006

Breakfast with Champions

I'm not convinced the normally insomniac birds in search of the fabled first worm were up when I ventured out this morning - but there were some dynamic business people motivated by more than the opportunity to enjoy a cooked breakfast.

I was technically the guest of Mia Drennan - but it was notable just how many people around the table had previously tried to tempt me to this early morning gathering. There were even more whom I had already met.

There was a delicious informality to The Newbury Business Group meeting, which lends itself to the building of relationships that will truly deliver quality referrals, rather than the risk people will feel compelled to provide a referral and offer a less than concrete lead over the fried eggs.

Mia, freshly promoted by yesterday's article and due to give a presentation on the work of Square Mile Connections, found her distinctive and easly adapted name worked into almost all the members one minute presentations. Mine was a rather feeble 'Meerkat' play on Mia, but some of the others were truly inventive. Others were truly awful!

I also managed to pick up some early stories for the January edition of the Newbury Business News and some leads for Morgan PR. So it was definitely worth that early start.

I could find myself being tempted out into the dark mornings a bit more often for this breakfast with champions.

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