Monday, December 11, 2006

The Virtual Office Secretary in The Sunday Times!

I've just had an excited telephone call from The Virtual Office Secretary Sarah Rhoads who is on a very real hunt for a copy of yesterday's:

Rumours abound that her succesful business had been mentioned, but she was after the evidence. Despite being more of an 'Observer' kinda guy I was able to jump online and search the Times newspapers' website and lo - the rumours were true.

Matthew Wall had written a article entitled: 'Home in on a Better Lifestyle' which focused on the benefits of working from home with some essential web addresses for companies wanting to project a professional image... and he namechecks The Virtual Office Secretary!

Specifically he writes: "For more ad hoc secretarial services, such as organising mailshots and invoicing, the award-winning Virtual Office Secretary ( charges from £18 an hour."

How superb is that? We now wait to discover just how lucrative that mention may be for Sarah and her business. Oh yes, and if anyone has a copy of yesterday's Sunday Times...

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Sarah said...

I'm very pleased to say that I managed to lay my hands on a copy of the article and the rumours were indeed true.

Since then I have had no less than 8 new enquiries as a direct result, 7 of which have now turned into clients.

I couldn't have afforeded the price tag for such a mention but it just goes to show the true value of the media, and there is little of higher value than The Sunday Times!