Monday, February 05, 2007

Breathe Pictures Morgan PR with Style

While I might take photographs for many of the features I write, when it comes to my forthcoming half page advertisement in the Newbury Business News there was only one photographer I wanted to use – the immensely talented Neale James of Breathe Pictures.

Regular readers will recall he photographed me for the exhibition held at the Corn Exchange last year. I actually featured in The Best of Newbury and Breathe Pictures Exhibition, indeed that picture is at the top of this blog (although maybe not for much longer after seeing the ones he took of me today!).

Karen Holmes from The Best of Newbury was kind enough to join us at Neale’s rural studio to help pose up some business like shots and Neale wife and fellow photographer Sam also joined in.

I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with the photographs and was in awe at how quickly Neale saw opportunities to create such fabulous images and I do not hesitate to recommend his services to readers of this blog – whether for your wedding, family event or commercial requirements. Absolutely outstanding.

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