Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spam central!

I caught up on some IT maintenance today, little jobs that had been niggling in the background but never quite annoying enough to warrant attention.

For instance, my ‘enquiries at Morgan PR’ email was something that had never been set up in anything more than theory and I was keen to add it to Outlook. For instance I knew it was the email address on the all new West Berkshire Business Club website, so I should be checking it.

Deluge! Little did I know that whilst I had not been using it, it was a natural hub for hundreds and hundreds of spam emails to congregate in the hope I had taken leave of my senses and wanted to buy their variety of deceit! Honestly!

To be honest everyone of them was caught by Outlook as they bombarded my inbox so it was more the surprise than any real inconvenience. But still… how much Spam?

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